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About The Company
Astrong Paint Sdn Bhd is a highly specialized company in developing, manufacturing and marketing of industrial paints and coatings. Founded in millennium year 2000, we at Astrong Paint Sdn Bhd have served our customer by providing total solution to meet increasing stringent requirements in the coating industry.  Astrong Paint Sdn Bhd is well recognized for its high quality products and services in the industry. We are proud to be associated with numerous of international well known electrical appliances manufacturer. Our products also pass the stringent requirement in automotive industry and used in our national car. Besides service the customers locally, we also export our products as far as to South Indian continent. 

The Team
One of the greatest strength of the Astrong Paint Sdn Bhd  is the teamwork and cooperation of  our personnel, which helps us to meet our goals and  work in dedication. Though the company has no long history , the people in the company has been in the coatings market for more twenty years. As the young and dynamics new setup, our people are trained to work closely with the customer. By listening to our customers and understand their needs and requirements, Astrong Paint Sdn Bhd consistently provides its customers with the highest quality of coatings.

Our Products
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