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AC Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd was founded in 1997.
It has established itself as the sole distributor for CEMB Balancing Machines in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia Markets. We are committed to aftersales supports and activities to enhance our services to our clients and authorised agents.
Industrial Balancing Machine
Balancers Horizontal Axis. Suitable for the 'balancing rotating having a certain axial length and with a weight of between 10g to 100,000kg. The transmission of power, necessary for the rotation of the workpiece to be balanced, is essentially obtained with two driving systems: the belt or coupling.
The two types of drag can be coupled dramatically increasing the field of use and the machine's praticality.
All machines Z series are rigid media and guarantee an immediate calibration based only on the size of the rotary. In fact chosen correction plans, just set on the machine the distances of these plans from their supports, the distance between these planes and the correction radii.
Balancers Vertical Axis. Suitable for the 'balancing rotating having reduced axial length than the diameter, with or without own shaft.
The vertical axis balancers can be made for the measurement and correction of rotaing on one floor or on two floors, weighing from a few grams up to 3000kg.
Nell ' balancing Vertical axis special attention should be given to the workpiece mounting device on the machine ( tool or adapter )to be practical and quick use and above all accurate. To avoid that the eccentricity of mounting can cause balancing errors, all CEMB instruments still have automatic systems for electronic apparatus of the eccentricity correction.


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