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 Tukang started with a listing.
When founders Brandon and Alvin remodeled their home, they started the way these projects often do: with a listing and keep contact for the contractor to make a community and consumer request they start to do home renovation since that they have a lot of contractor.

Tukang own their store to sell home item for the consumer but they realize the market need interior designer and they found out the interior have no fixing price with random market price and they start the site call Tukang interior. A place to surfing and keep amazing house image. A place to find the right designer and construction professionals. A community to link contractor with consumer. Tukang started as a side project but has become a community of more than 10,000 contractor, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals—across Malaysia and planning to growth in Asia.
Whether you are starting a complete kitchen remodel or just looking for the perfect bedside table, the Tukang community professionals is here to help for renovation and when you are ready to start your project, Tukang is the best way to get inspired, discover renovation idea and to find and collaborate with the perfect architect, designer or contractor.

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