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NMC Products (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a manufacturer and converting specialist in various adhesive tapes, insulation foam products, films and side-seal pouches. Established in 1990, operations began back in 1982 as a small trading business. We have grown over the years and obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification since June 2005. Customer focus remains our top priority. With the expansion of our manufacturing capabilities, we are actively developing the export market.

Our FIRMFIX® products are developed from extensive know-how through continual research and development. We manufacture and customize of a wide range of tape products for the industrial use, delivering solutions to industries such as HVAC, automotive, medical, exposition, construction, electronics, electrical, mechanical, advertising, printing and packaging. Equipped with our own production capabilities and flexibilities, we work closely with manufacturers of these industries to create custom-made products according to the required specification within a short lead time. We have a strong technical team to assure product quality, timely delivery and hands-on service to further support the industrial needs. 

FIRMFIX® products:

  • Carpet tape (exhibition grade and permanent grade)
  • Anti-slip tape (indoor and outdoor grade)
  • Rubber, foam and sponge insulation, sealing or cushioning tape in different thickness, width and length (single-sided and double-sided adhesive)
  • Cloth tape in different colors
  • Ducting tape and aluminium foil tape
  • Reinforced aluminium insulation foil tape
  • Anti-static utility tape
  • Magnetic tape
  • Masking tape (normal grade, middle temperature and high temperature)
  • Filament tape
  • Kraft paper tape (siliconized and writable grade in white and brown)
  • Double-sided tape (tissue, black tissue, PET, PP, woven)
  • Double-sided PE /acrylic foam tape
  • Rubber, foam and cushioning materials (EPDM, CR, IXPE, XPE, NR, PU, EVA)
  • Foils and films (PET, PE, PP, BoPP, woven PP, anti-static)
  • Bags, pouches and flexible packaging products


  • Insulation and cushioning materials converter
  • Gasket and sealing foam converter

Conversion of various materials include:

EPDM, CR, IXPE, XPE, NR, PU, EVA, PE, aluminium foil, fabric, film, foam, rubber, silicone, sponge 

Our services:

  • Adhesive coating (PSA)
  • Adhesive lamination
  • Lamination (single and multi-layer)
  • Rewinding
  • Sheeting
  • Slitting and cutting (aluminium foil, paper, fabric, film, foam)
  • Die-cutting
  • Assembly
  • New product development

NMC is committed to the welfare of our people and the environment. We are solvent-free.

Our Products
FIRMFIX NR308 Nitrile Foam Tape FIRMFIX Woven Tape BOPP Printed Tapes Floor Marking Tape BOPP Tapes
FIRMFIX Masking Tapes – GP, Mid Temp, Hi Temp Air Bubble Wrap Roll FIRMFIX Golf grip tape Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape FIRMFIX Flexible Magnet Tape
FIRMFIX Re-Positionable Tape / Removable Tape FIRMFIX Tissue Tapes Stretch Film Acrylic Foam Tapes - Clear/Grey FIRMFIX Filament Tapes
FIRMFIX Aluminium Foil Tape FIRMFIX Reinforced Aluminium Woven Foil Tape FIRMFIX PE141, PE142, PE145 Foam Tapes FIRMFIX Silicone Kraft Paper Tape SKPT Tape FIRMFIX Glass Fabric PTFE Tape
FIRMFIX Polyester Tape (PET Tape) Side-seal Pouches Resealable Polybags Die-cut EVA Decoration / Die-cut dekorasi pelamin FIRMFIX 1432 Exhibition Carpet Tape FIRMFIX 1430 Exhibition Carpet Tape
FIRMFIX 1460 Exhibition Carpet Tape FIRMFIX Grounding Tape / EMI Shielding Tape (electronics manufacturing) FIRMFIX Cloth Tapes, Exhibition Cloth Tapes FIRMFIX Carrier tape / Anti-static PET tape / ESD tape FIRMFIX Anti-Slip Tape, Antislip Tape
Die-cut foams, sponge, tapes, insulation / Diecut specialties FIRMFIX Transfer Tapes FIRMFIX Gaffers Tape / Matt Cloth Tape / Photographer's Tape / Camera Tape Hook & Loop Tape FIRMFIX Artificial grass joining tape / turf joining tape / synthetic grass joining tape
FIRMFIX R3505 Water tank gasket tape (SIRIM tested and compliant) Adhesive Tapes Removal Tape| Removable Tape | Reposition Tape Foam Insulation Tape Double-Sided Cloth Tape
Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape Carpet Tape Die-Cut Foam Sponge Foam Tape Glazing Foam Tape
Aluminium Foil Tape Anti-Slip Tape Cloth Tape Bubble Wrap Roll Double-Sided Cloth Carpet Tape
Double-Sided Tape, Single-Sided Tape, Double-Sided Foam Tape, Single-Sided Foam Tape Double-Sided Exhibition Carpet Tape Flexible Magnet Tape Floor Marking Tape Gaffer Tape / Matt Cloth Tape
Hook & Loop Tape Masking Tape Packing Tape Re-Positionable Tape / Removable Tape Stretch Film
Wall Repair Tape
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