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Radincare with over 30 years' experience, offers its clients professional consultation and guidance in selection and installation of washroom accessories and products.


Radincare has a wide range of quality hygiene products to provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for any kind or size of commercial building.


Backed by a team of experienced staff trained to BICS standards, we pride in ourselves in knowing that our clients are always satisfied with the level of service they receive from us.


To provide a complete one stop solution to all washroom hygiene products needs.


Be committed to supply quality products that will be reliable, environment friendly and competitively priced.


To provide excellent and reliable before and after sales service.

Our Products
Chemicals Window Bucket White Dolly Mop Warning Sighs & Barricades Tristar Double Bucket
Top Press Double Bucket Structo X-Trolley RS Top Press Bucket RS Swivel Hand Pad Holder RS Microfibre Mop Replacement
RS Hand Pad Holder RS Floor Holder with Velcro RS Ergo Top Press Bucket Cart Trolley Rainbow Viscose Cloth
Replacement Blades Plus Microfibre Maxi Side Press Bucket Mansign Kentucky Mop Holder
Floor Water Pusher c/w Aluminium Pole Floor & Window Scrapper Fixi Uni Clamp Dust Control Frame A Warning Signs
Cone Sign Color Dolly Mop Caddy Carrier Black Garbage Shovel Cart Trolley
Extention Pole Cotton Dust Mop Acrylic Dust Mop 42" Replacement Rubber 14" Lambswool Only
14" Lambswool White Kentucky Mop Color Kentucky Mop Window Squeegee Aluminum Pole for all mops
Thin Cotton Hand Gloves Thick Cotton Hand Gloves Rubber Hand Gloves Nitrile Gloves Disposable Gloves
Rubber Boots Disposable Face Mask Disposable Apron RB240 (RDC) Recycle Bin c/w Wheels RB50(C) (RDC) Cylinder Recycle Bin
SD-188 (RDC) Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser (500ml) RD30 Green Scrubbing Pad RD32 Black Stripping Pad RD33 White Polishing Pad RD34 Red Buffing Pad
LB1100 (RDC) Leach Bin 1100 Liter MLB 1100 (RDC) Metal Leach Bin (1100 liter) 2WB120 (RDC) 2 Wheel Bin 4WB660 (RDC) 4 Wheel Bin SOB 120 (RDC) Step On Bin
June 120 (RDC) Rectangular Waste Bin Orbit 65 (RDC) Waste Bin Cable 80 (RDC) Bin c/w Stainless Steel Cover Hanger 42 (RDC) Bin c/w Bracket & Post Osean 50 (RDC) Bin c/w Ashtray Top and Inner Bin
Jade 45 (RDC) Fiber Glass Semi Round Bin c/w 1/3 Ashtray & 2/3 Open Top Pacific 50 (RDC) Bin c/w Ashtray Top FOCUS 45 (RDC) Semi Round Bin c/w ½ Ashtray & ½ Open Top UH (RDC) Umbrella Holder AMB-033/(RDC) Stainless Steel ATM Box
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