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Quarter-Turn Valve Electric Actuator Dkj Series

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Updated on: 2018-05-08 16:24
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 DKJ-D (DY-J) series electric actuator is a new product of our factory. On the basis of the ordinary DKJ electric actuator, it incepts advanced foreign technology, and adopts new foreign technology, new devices to form this fully electronic product with intelligent functions which is the combination of control circuit and actuator.
DKJ-D (DY-J) electric actuator can receive directly computer DCS or all kinds of regulating units 4~20mA or 1~5V , and control various regulating mechanisms such as damper, valve, baffle, etc. There is no need to install servo amplifier additionally. It can be widely used in electron, metallurgy, oil, chemistry.
DKJ-D (DY-J) series electric actuator has the function of operating manually. It can adjust the actuator on the spot. If plus the DFD type electric actuator, it can realize the "manual-automatic" switchover of system without disturbance, and remote manual control to the controlled plant.

Main technical performance
1. Input signals: mode II: 0~10 mA, DC; mode III: 4~20 mA, DC
2. Input passages: 3
3. Input channel resistance: mode III: 250Ω, mode II: 200Ω
4. Output thrust: see dynamic parameter
5. Whole travel time: see dynamic parameter
6. Basic error: ±2.5%
7. Dead band: ≤3%
8. Damping characteristic: ≤ a half and three cycles
9. Return difference: 1.5%
10. Voltage of the power supply: 220V(+10%,~15%)  frequency: 50HZ
11. Temperature of the operating environment:
   Actuator: -10~+55°Cor -25~+70°C
Amplifier: 0~+50°C
12.Relative humidity of the operating environment:
Actuator: ≤95%
Amplifier: 10%~70%
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