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Bonding Latex

Brand: KTH
4lt: 1box=6tin
18lt: Per Tin
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Malaysia Selangor Port Klang
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2016-03-18 18:28
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Company Details

KTH BONDING LATEX is a multipurpose high quality Latex admixture specially formulated for use with cement-based Tile Grout,Cement or Cement-Sand mortar. It will substantially improve the adhesion strength, water resistance and workability of the mixes. It is ideal for installation of wall and floor tiles (interior/exterior), stones facade, swimming pool etc. It is also use to mix with cement-sand to improve the adhesion strength of cement mortar renders, floor screed, repair mortars etc.

-Extremely good bonding and adhesion.                                           -Reduces shrinkage, increases flexural and tensile strength.
-Improves resistance to acid / chemical.                                            -Excellent water resistance.

Usage & Application:
-Use with cement-based Tile Adhesive for internal and external tiling works.
Dosage: 6-8 Litre per 25kg Tile Adhesive
-Use with cement-based Colored Grout.
Dosage: 1-1.5 Litre per 3.5kg Colored Grout.
-Use with cement to prepare Slurry Bonding Agent
Mixing Ratio: 1 part KTH BONDING LATEX and 2 parts cement
-Use with cement-sand to prepare Latex Modified Renders / Screed and Repair Mortar.
Dosage: 8-15 Litre cement-sand mix.

KTH BONDING LATEX乃是一种特别配制的多用途乳胶粘合剂,用来增强沙灰混合物的粘结性。使沙灰更加坚固密实,减低水分的渗透 ,而达到抗水作

用途:KTH BONDING LATEX可用做瓷砖胶灰及沙灰混合的粘合剂,能增强粘结性及拥有良好的抗水性。与瓷砖填缝剂掺合,也能增强瓷砖填缝剂的粘合性及抗水性。

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